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Challenge Southern Highlands

Challenge Southern Highlands (CSH) is a registered provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Challenge Southern Highlands is able to assist in providing many of the supports that you or the applicant may be entitled to under the NDIS Plan.





Support Coordination / Plan Management

Co-ordinating an applicant’s NDIS plan. Challenge is able to provide assistance in identifying and coordinating other that the applicant may require under their NDIS Plan. Plan Management enables the organization to pay accounts on behalf of participant from their NDIS plan.

Accommodation / Tenancy

CSH is able to assist individuals with an NDIS Plan in arranging accommodation and tenancy issues.

Assist Travel / Transport

CSH is able to provide transport assistance. This would include limited transport assistance, travel training and support.

Home Modification

CSH is able to provide an assessment of an individual’s home and identify necessary modifications. CSH is then able to manage the completion of the modifications.

Household Tasks / Assistive Prod – Household Task

To assist individuals to continue to live in their own home, Challenge assist in the provision of support for household tasks. Challenge has teams who are able to attend to grounds and garden maintenance as well as other household task such as cleaning and minor repairs.

Assist Personal Activities / Group Centre Activities

Challenge is able to assist the applicant engage in personal activities, outside of employment, to enhance their lifestyle and life experiences. Activities can be undertaken individually or in groups made up of peers to enhance their lifestyle and life experiences.

Participate Community / Innovative Community Participation/ Explore

Challenge offers opportunities for the applicant to be involved with community participation activities to assist them to develop skills and confidence to engage with their community.


Development Life Skills

Challenge is able to provide support for individuals to assist them to develop life skills that will assist them to live within the community.

Daily Tasks Shared Living / Specialised Disability Accommodation*

With the completion of Challenge House in mid-2017 Challenge will provide supported accommodation for individuals with disabilities to assist them to transition to living with a parent or carer to living independently. In addition Challenge will be offering “in Home Support” for those individuals who live independently in the community.


For more information about how Challenge Southern Highlands is able to provide support under the NDIS Please contact:

General Manager
02 48726603

Supports Coordination
02 48726606

Training & Compliance Manager
02 48726601

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