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Challenge House

The purpose of Challenge House is to enable an adult child who is currently living with their parent(s) to transition to an independent life.

Individuals who reside in Challenge House will be given skills to work toward independence through, learning to cook, clean and to live outside of the umbrella of their parents. When residents are fully capable of living independently it is hoped they would then move from Challenge House into public housing. The goal is to achieve this transition during the lifetime of their parents.

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Challenge House accommodates ten single occupancy units with their own ensuite, fridge and tea making facilities. The house has a communal kitchen and dining area as well as a lounge and breakout room. Residents are supported to learn to live independently by staff who are onsite 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Residents learn to prepare meals, maintain their surroundings, live, and engage with other people.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) & Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

Within an encouraging and nurturing environment, individuals with disabilities are given the opportunity to learn and develop their own independent living skills to thrive, while having daily supports to assist with day-to-day living tasks when needed. With accessibility in mind, we have inclusive housing to cater to individuals needs and requirements.

Short Term Accommodation or Respite

This allows individuals with disabilities to experience Supported Independent living for a short period of time. This opportunity provides a chance for participants to experience a more independent lifestyle away from home, while giving their primary carers peace of mind knowing both will have the chance to unwind and recharge.

New Developments

In the future, new specialised accommodation will soon be available in the Southern Highlands and Goulburn region.

To enquire contact:

Call: 0407 909 684