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Challenge Southern Highlands specialises in tailored garden maintenance programs to fit your needs. With nearly 25 years of experience, our expert team ensures beautiful landscapes and efficient waste removal.

Our goal at Challenge Southern Highlands Gardening & Landscaping is to create a garden maintenance program to suit your specific needs, desires, and budget. Each property and homeowner are unique, we attempt to provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing your yard is being cared for properly. Finally, it is about allowing you more time to spend in your yard rather than working on it.

We have been in the horticultural business as part of Welby Garden Centre for almost 25 years. Our Maintenance Manager is an experienced garden maintenance employee who, along with our work crew, is primarily concerned with the upkeep of gardens and landscapes, as well as the removal of green waste.

Our Services Include:

Garden make overs

Revitalise your garden with a captivating makeover.

A garden makeover is a wonderful way to breathe new life into an outdoor space. It involves transforming a dull and neglected garden into a vibrant and captivating oasis. The process usually begins with a thorough evaluation of the existing garden, taking into account its layout, soil quality, sun exposure, and overall functionality. From there, a plan is developed to address any shortcomings and enhance the garden’s aesthetic appeal. This may involve clearing out overgrown plants, adding new features such as flower beds, and selecting a variety of beautiful plants that will thrive in the space. The result is an inviting and enchanting garden that can be enjoyed by family and friends for years to come.

Garden Clean-ups

Enhances gardens growth, and invites socialising.

Garden clean-up is vital for garden health and beauty. It involves removing leaves, plants, weeds, and debris. This process improves appearance, promotes growth, prevents disease and pests, and allows for better air and sunlight. Regular clean-up creates an inviting outdoor space for family and friends.


Improves plant health, growth, and appearance.

Pruning is a horticultural technique aimed at enhancing plant health, stimulating desired growth patterns, and improving aesthetic appeal. This meticulous process involves the strategic removal of specific plant parts, such as dead or diseased areas, to facilitate the emergence of fresh growth. The ultimate result is heightened productivity and overall vitality of the plant.

Mowing & Hedging

Gradually define and enhance garden borders.

Shrubs, unlike fences, take time to grow, allowing you to gradually define your zone. In addition to providing privacy, hedging can be used to divide gardens, line the margins of a driveway, and embellish the foundation of your home.



Protecting soil with organic or synthetic materials.

Mulch is a great gardening time saver, whether you’re caring for flower beds or vegetable plots. While mulching is time-consuming, it has numerous benefits: Mulch, when applied properly, reduces the time required to water, weed, and combat pests. Overall, this leads to healthier fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Plant & Fertilising

Enhancing soil fertility with nutrition.

We also provide different planting services for your garden whether it’s a roses, tree, natives or different flowers with the proper fertilisation.

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