NDIS Services

Assistance in Community

Challenge can provide individual support to assist you in accessing and participating in the community. Challenge will provide professional support workers who have been trained to meet your specific requirements and preferences. We collaborate with you to build on your NDIS goal of participating in the community and working toward independence. Challenge will assist you to participate in activities that you have planned and prepared with assistance from support workers, at your own pace.

Domestic Assistance

Here, we help make life a bit easier by lending a helping hand with daily domestic activities such as meal preparation, housework, and assisting you to live an independent life in your own home.

Yard and Garden Maintenance

Challenge offers Yard and Garden Maintenance to be accessed through your NDIS Plan. Our experienced NDIS Garden Maintenance Team Leader, along with his Work Crew, will assist you with the upkeep of your lawn and garden, as well as the removal of green waste. Please contact your Support Coordinator to arrange for these services to be conducted at your home.

Community Access

With one-on-one support, we are happy to help you in the community. From shopping, attending appointments, and helping you access social and recreational opportunities.


With the assistance of one of our handy support workers, we can help get you to where you need to be

Individual Living Skills

This support helps individuals develop valuable and essential life skills to thrive independently.

To enquire contact:

Call: 0407 909 684