Longhurst’s long innings!

We are well into the year of 2024, so I believe I am right in writing that our very own Constant Gardener… Justin Longhurst, has reached the milestone mark of 40 years in the industry!

Best known in the Highlands for his 25 years running Bowral Gardens R Us, Justin is always a friendly, regular… constant… face around Welby Garden Centre, and is much-loved by staff and customers alike.

Thanks to Justin leading the team, with 200 years of combined gardening knowledge, WGC has an enviable reputation far and wide, and there’s no plant or flower that Justin wouldn’t know about, if you ask me! So if you see him around the traps, be sure congratulate him on 40 years.

I first met Justin years ago, maybe 15 years ago, when I was the young, albeit nervous cadet journalist at the Southern Highland News. I think the story was that Gardens R Us had won an industry award, and everybody in Bowral and probably further afield was talking about it… So, gardening… it’s one of those things, and I might be guessing here, but there’s a lot of work about the place that goes on ‘behind the scenes’ so everything runs smoothly… And I’m also guessing that Justin does a bit of work that maybe not many people are privy to, to use a term that I think Justin himself might use on occasion… That’s it, 40 years, CONGRATULATIONS ! : Article by Jed Kemsley.


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